Take a look at what’s happening in our world today.  Fast paced busy lives and we wonder why there is so much evil all around us.

First. What about the boy that tried to rape his mom and then killed her over a Call of Duty video game.  He was only 13 yrs. old.  And then there’s a 17 year old by the name of Jake Evans, this Parker County teen was charged with killing his mother and sister, initially planned to murder his whole family, according to a written confession made public by a district judge this week.  Can you believe it?  The devil is at work.

An Ohio boy admitted he fatally shot his mother in the head with a rifle when he was 10 after what a relative described as an argument over chores.  The boy, now 13, entered the equivalent of a guilty plea Monday in juvenile court.

In January 2011, the boy went to a neighbor’s house, called 911 and told the dispatcher he had shot his mother at their home in rural Holmes County, about 70 miles northeast of Columbus. “I shot my mom. I shot her with a gun,” he said.

Every day something more horrific hits the news.  You have to ask yourself, what’s next!!

Police found a 28-year-old woman and her four-year-old son shot dead Friday when they responded to a welfare concern in Plano.  This was supposedly a murder-suicide.  Her 4 year old didn’t have a choice in the matter.  His mother took that choice away. 

Also in Plano, police warn of gang stealing purses in smash-and-grab heists.  They’re called the Felony Lang Gang based primarily in South Florida and travels across the U.S. using stolen checks and ID’s to empty bank accounts.  Can you believe it?  It doesn’t matter what you have, there’s always someone who is trying to take it.

This craze in Japan called eyeball licking. I mean is this sick or what!   They’re saying it’s a way the adolescents are showing affection.  Well my opinion is, keep that sh…t over there please.  And that’s all I have to say about that.

And last but not least. Here’s Jodi….

Can you believe it?  Arias’ attorneys filed a motion this week in Superior Court in Maricopa County asking Judge Sherry Stephens to delay the proceedings, saying they needed to find witnesses to testify on Arias’ behalf and had scheduling conflicts with the current start date of July 18.  I just pray that the judge does not fall for this.  It’s truly time for this thing to end, don’t you agree?  I think they are trying to drag it out for as long as they can.  The Maricopa County District Attorney’s Office said this week it was moving forward with plans to retry the sentencing phase of the case and seek the death penalty again. Arias’ guilt will not be retried, but a new jury will be seated to listen to evidence on whether her life should be spared.

They’re hoping that people will forget how horrific the crime Ms. Arias’ committed was. This thing is hot now and I think we should keep the fire burning and move forward.  And to Juan Martinez, I hope you are listening, please keep it together, we’re all depending on you.  You’ve brought us this far, so let’s finish it.  Justice will be served.

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