Check Mate – What Qualities do you seek when you are searching for a mate.  1. Caring 2. Drive  3. Sense of Humor  4. Honesty

  1. His Looks – What’s your type?
  2. He’s handsome – one look knocks you off your feet but wait!!  You look down, and his pants are hanging way below the waist, and he can barely walk without them falling down.
  3. Question?  What do you Do.   A. Stop and start to engage in conversation or B. Turn and run away.

Ladies believe it or not, this says a lot about your character.  Is this the kind of man you want to spend your life with.  Will your son look up to him.   Can you honestly take him home to meet your family?  And please, don’t say, I don’t care, he knows how to F>>>>>!!!!   Believe me, That F……ng is not going to last forever.  So what are you going to do?