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Fellas, If you want your lady to love you for life?

Careful not to show your weakness - No matter what you think you know about that soft tender female, you might not have a clue.

We do not like weak men.  Why? We depend on you to take care of us.  To ensure us that we never have to worry.

Pay Attention!!!!

  1. If the landlord calls because the rent is due - pick up the dam phone and tell him when you plan to pay it.  Don't hand her the phone to do it.  What does she need you for.  Everyone hits a hard bump, its a part of life.  So don't hide, face it.  Believe me, when a woman knows that she can depend on you, there is nothing she wont do to keep you happy.  Hard times pass - and she will love you more than ever.
  2. Don't talk down to here in front of family or friends.  She will never forget it.  A women wants her friends or family to know just how much you love her.  Here's a secret, If she's willing to sit and let you talk down to her in front of anyone - Get Ready, she's planning on leaving you- she's just waiting for the right time.
  3. You stopped making love because you're too tired when you get home from where-ever.  ARE YOU CRAZY!  You'd better start working out - get you some crystal meth, a 5 hour energy drink or something...A women needs love.  Its part of the bonding process, so don't forget it.

Thats all for today.  Check back next week for more.  And, if you think you know something that I don't know.  Leave it in the comments.
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