August, 2013

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Why Passion is So Important in Your Relationship and Life

Passion is intense feeling, strong excitement, strong affection, love, intense desire and enthusiasm. You can have passion for anything or anyone. We all have a basic need to feel passion. In other words, passion or being passionate is the fire in our eyes, in our bodies and in our livesRead More

3 Tips For Reigniting the Spark in Your Love Relationship Or Marriage

A comic wryly jokes about the pitfalls of being in a long-term relationship. He observes that the “adorable and still in love” elderly couple seen walking closely arm-in-arm in the park are actually merely leaning on one another so that they don’t fall down. According to this comic, there isRead More

Save Marriage Advice – How to Rebuild Your Relationship by Rekindling the Passion

Women always ask me, how do you manage to stay with the same man for so many years and confess that you love him just as much today as you did 23 years ago.  To them I say, It’s not easy and the road has been rough.   When weRead More

Dating, Romance, Love and Marriage – Are These Still in Fashion?

“Where would we all be without romance?” Almost anyone may say. “Romance is the spice of life,” goes another one that seems quite accurate. “Love is a many-splendored thing it’s the April rose that only blooms in the early spring..” so goes a song by Frank Sinatra and adopted asRead More

Marriage Relationship Advice

I have a few marriage relationship advice tips for you. It seems that when we first fall in love with someone it feels like the love will last forever, and we get married with the idea that love and the chemistry will keep us together no matter what.  It’s funnyRead More

Love and Marriage – Advice For a Happy Relationship

Love and Marriage – Advice For a Happy Relationship.

Love and Marriage – Advice For a Happy Relationship

Back in the day, I wouldn’t be known to stay with a man 5 days, let alone 24 years but I just had an anniversary and I can truly say that what I feel today is just as strong as what I felt 24 years ago and the love between usRead More

Real Love Versus the Fake Stuff

Do you know the difference between real and fake love? Just like any counterfeit object or characteristic, it can be tricky to know and identify the real from the fake. Sometimes, even experts can’t tell what is genuine and what is not. The fake stuff resembles the real thing inRead More

Relationships and Dating – Older Women are not Cougars

First, let’s get one thing straight, we (older women) are not predators.  We are solely, mature, wise, intelligent females who are deserving in this world and we deserve to be happy.  If a man our age cannot keep up with our sexual requirements, then there is nothing wrong with ourRead More

Dating and Relationships: Why Didn’t He Call?

It’s Saturday night, you’re out with a few friends and unexpectedly you meet a handsome stranger. You end up spending most of the evening flirting, drinking, laughing, talking & dancing. At the end of the night, he asks you for your number as he say’s he would like to takeRead More

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