Month: July 2013

The Importance of Dating Before Marriage..Should You or Should You Not?

Dating before marriage is essential. It helps an individual make the decision whether they want to live with the other person for the rest of their life or not. Dating before marriage is usually referred to as courtship, because the relationship has passed the stage of just getting to know each other, but tailoring it towards marriage. The debate surrounding dating and marriage has been in existence for a while now, with some people advocating for it, and others against it all together. Nevertheless, going on dates that leads to marriage or not is still common. This indicates that it is still relevant for a majority of people. When planning to get married, there are a variety of reasons why dating before marriage is necessary and they include: First, dating before marriage helps you understand your partner better so that you can be able to get along with minimal conflict. The merging of two people from diverse backgrounds is likely to bring with it a lot of ups and downs, so it is better to go through the struggles before marriage, to know if you can cope with them before marriage. Second, when dating with the main goal being to get married, it helps the couple focus on what they should expect in marriage. This focus will help you evaluate whether you are ready for marriage or not, and...

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Internet Dating ..Your Profile

Great – you’ve decided to give Internet dating a go, and you’ve chosen a couple sites to trial. Signing up is easy, right up until it’s time to write your Profile. You don’t know how to write a profile, and if you did, you wouldn’t want to write it about yourself anyway. Is it time to panic? Absolutely not! While it is very important to have a strong profile, it’s really not painful to create one. After all, you know what kind of things you’re looking for in another person, and you know what things you’re not looking for – if you avoid hyperbole and crazy claims, you’ll find that this is a very natural process. So take a deep breath and follow these guidelines to writing a realistic and interesting personal Profile. Basic Statistics All Internet dating sites are going to ask for the same basic information: relationship status, your gender, who you’re looking for, where you live, your height and your body type. Don’t enhance or lie about any of these things. If you’re divorced, say so. If you’re single with kids, say so! These are the kind of things people really don’t want to find out later. Absolutely specify if you’re looking for men or for women. Since the whole point of listing on the site is to meet someone, be honest about your location. Don’t...

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Seven Secrets to Find A Good Mate

1. Make a list of qualities you’d like in a mate. Then look at that list and get to work on having all those qualities yourself. It is not that you are looking for the “right one.” That is a “gimme” attitude. Become the “right one” that someone else would love to have as a spouse. Are you kind? Can you keep your apartment/house clean? Do you get places on time? Take some time to write down your answers to these questions. Use a spiral, or a journal…just do it. 2. Take a year (or at least 6 months) to get to know yourself without dating. Do you know what you like and dislike? What are your natural talents? What skills have you learned? What are your dreams? How would you like your life to be in 50 years? Do you know yourself? Are you living a life of total honesty and not deceiving anyone, including yourself? 3. STOP having sex and don’t move in with anyone. This is the #1 mistake women and men make over and over. Why would they want to marry you if they can have sex anytime and for free? Show me a woman who won’t go to bed with a man, who thinks of herself as a precious jewel, but is not arrogant, who is confident and happy with who she is and...

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Do Happy Marriages/Relationships Exist?

Have you ever wondered how the people in happy marriages do it? Like how do they manage to be loving to their spouse day in and day out, no matter how cranky they are? How is it that these happy couples can put the needs of their significant other before their own needs all the time? Are they selfless? Not to mention trust. Most of us don’t know what it is to be able to fully trust ourselves, let alone another person, but people in happy marriages will tell you that it’s one of the main elements of a good relationship, so how do they manage to balance all of it? It Is Not a Juggling Act, But Sometimes It Can Feel Like It Is There are some basic elements of relationships that will allow you to go to the next level, from dating, to engagement, to marriage. It’s pretty unlikely that you would have gotten into a committed relationship with the person you’re married to if you didn’t have some of the essential building blocks for happy marriages at the beginning, so chances are that somewhere along the lines, factors such as mortgage payments, jobs and kids got in the way of the way that the two of you interact, so you’re going to have to bring it back out. What to Nurture Yes, there is that word...

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