May, 2013

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He Loves Her/He Loves Her Not

Is that your man?  I saw him with my sister.   What was I supposed to say?  I could not believe this was happening.  My baby sister who is so in love, I had no idea he was married and neither did she.  She had been through so much after losingRead More

My Wants/Your Needs

What does your mate want from you? Have you ever stopped to ask yourself that one simple question, what does my mate want from me? Are we really right for each other or is there a hidden agenda that I’m not aware of. Have you ever wondered how does aRead More

Love Is All We Need

The Convention:  Love should be spontaneous, not scripted.  The Counter:  “If you negotiate difficult issues up front, your relationship will have a much stronger footing, “says Paul Hokemeyer, Ph.D. a Manhattan-based marriage therapist.  See:  cohabitation agreements increasing 39 percent in the past five years,   per the American Academy of MatrimonialRead More

And the Big Question Is: What about the G-Spot?

Great Sexpectations A revealing new study has pinpointed the true sources of sexual pleasure for women.  Let the findings reignite your sex life…if you dare. Women haven’t been waiting for a lab report to learn that sexual sensation centered on the vagina is different from sensation centered on the clitoris-or onRead More

Friends No More

I’d never imagined our friendship would end, and certainly not like this. But on an otherwise ordinary afternoon, a scathing missive arrived from one of my best pals: a litany of my flaws and mistakes, along with my most mortifying secrets, amassed over the years we’d known each other andRead More

Beat the Cheat

The economic crisis has left many Americans deep in debt and looking for a deal-or a savior- to get them through tough times.  Winning the lottery, this is my lucky day, if only I could hit that number.  We all have our hopes and dreams.  Unfortunately, there are people outRead More

Don’t Let the Bedbugs Bite!

We all love to travel, one vacation after another, a weekend getaway, even a one night rump.  We love to climb up on the white sheets with the sweet smell of clean rain.  Especially after being on the road for 8 straight hours or after being on an Airplane, itRead More

Pump up your willpower

Self-control is like a muscle:  You can make it stronger with these 2 exercises which help you resist temptation when you need to most.  Witness the role of willpower In your daily life:  From the moment the alarm sounds in the morning, it’s only by sheer determination that you rouseRead More

The #1 Way to Build a Better Bond

Nope, it’s not sex (though a roll in the hay never hurts).  Turns out, strengthening your relationship starts with a few simple words.  He restocked the wine rack, replaced the burned out bulb in the bathroom, and even refueled your SUV. Did you, um, say anything?  A new study fromRead More

Jodi Arias Trial

Just heard the news – Jodi’s lawyers want to jump ship on her, can you blame them? I mean, I would have jumped ship a year ago. This trial has been unreal. I don’t usually follow things like this but I have to tell you, when I started listening toRead More

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