I want to share this story with all the ladies and men who at one point in their lives have felt depressed, insignificant, and feels that you have contributed nothing to the world and wonder if you would be better off to just check out but before you go, I would appreciate it if you would read this story and take a long look at yourself. Ok?
I write this story because if helps me to understand my purpose by helping me to grow. I am a very private person so I don’t have a lot of friends. I guess you could call me anti sociable but I believe I open up more now than I did 40 years ago and I owe all of this to my father in heaven and my husband, who I love with all my heart. He taught me so much about life because I met him at such an early age and I was not yet domesticated. So to him, I thank you for loving me and I hope that every male and female can find a mate that is so honest, so loving and so wonderful. My life was not always this sweet. I grew up in a country town, around country people and like everyone else, I’ve made my share of mistakes. I wanted to grow up so fast and get away from my horrible mother, who I thought was horrible but now I realize how much she loved me and she wasn’t really horrible at all. But I hated my life and I had so many dreams to be a rock star. God blessed me with a beautiful voice to sing and all I wanted to do was become a big star and make a lot of records. But, that didn’t happen. I did manage to bring a beautiful son into this world and he is the light of my life. I love him so much but his father, well, that’s a whole other story. I didn’t mean to get pregnant at 15 but I did and I never regretted it. I didn’t really know how to be a mom but I had to learn fast and I did with the help of my mom and my precious aunt.
Before I go further, I just want to say that if any of you are in an a abusive relationship and you know in your heart, it’s not right, please leave, cause it’s not right. My son’s father was so mean and now, looking back, my mother saved my life over and over again. I was afraid to leave my home for fear that I might see him and he would beat me down, not matter where we were or who saw us. He broke my nose, my Jaw, and he once tried to burn me with acid. I had to run for my life for over 20 yrs. and I couldn’t stop running until he died. That was the happiest day of my life, when I heard that he had died. Please forgive me for saying it but its true. I was so tired of running and hiding. I remember the one time I was in my apartment and I had just came in from work. It was summertime so it was very hot in California and I went to the patio door and cracked it open, I turned to walk to my kitchen and something hit me in the head like a brick, it was him. He had climbed 4 stories up the patio to get to me. I could not believe it. It felt as though a hammer had hit my head and he knocked me out. I woke up in the emergency room. Everything was a blare. My girlfriend and roommate was by my side. I was so thankful that she was at home when it happened or I might not be here today. She looked at me with her big sad eyes and she said, “don’t you ever scare me like that again”, and then she handed me the phone. It was my mother on the other line. She said baby, you’ve got to get out of town, he’s going to kill you and the next time you might not be so lucky. She said please promise me you’ll leave as soon as possible. I promised her I would leave and I did. I moved to Jersey but I missed my family so much, so I didn’t stay long. I was back home in no time, again, looking over my shoulder every day. How did I end up with such a horrible man, I don’t know what happened. I really do believe it ran in his family because, his father shot his mother and she was paralyzed in one leg for life and he stabbed out her mother’s eye and blinded her for life. The saddest story was that his father’s brother was just as crazy. I was living at the time with my mother in law and I had just had my son so it was really hard for me. I had a close friend whose name was Emma. We got to be friends because her husband like mine beat her ass every day and one day it got real bad and she came to stay a few days with us. I’ll never forget it. She had been with us for maybe a week and her husband could not stay away. Every day, he was bring her flowers, picking up lunch for her and bringing it by. He couldn’t keep his hands off her and she was swept off her feet. I could tell something was just not right. After 8 days I remember I came down stairs and it was real hot that day so I went to sit on the front porch to cool off. I looked at Emma and she was so happy and I said to her, what are you so happy about. She said, girl, I’m going home. I love Bobby so much, here, look at the watch he just bought me. He’s coming by to get me in a few. I said to her, are you sure you should go home so soon. Maybe you should give it more time. She looked at me and said, girl I’m so hot in my you know what, I can’t’ take it anymore. I’m going to jump him in the car if we don’t get to a bed soon. At that time Bobby drove up and Emma ran to the car and jumped in. I’ll call you later she said. Ok, have fun, I yelled at her and she was gone. I was so happy for her but yet so sad. Had he really changed or was he pretending to change. Oh well, I thought, we shall see. A day went by and I had not heard from Emma. It was not like her not to call me. Something was wrong I could feel it in the air. About that time two police cars drove up into the yard. I was in the back yard and I heard my mother in law scream. I ran to the front and the policeman told you. Your Uncle Bobby killed his wife and shot himself in the head last night and they’re both dead. I’ve brought the kids to you because we didn’t want to take them to the shelter right now until we can find out more. Ok, I said. Kids come in the house with me. I found out that after he took her home he had a candlelight dinner planned with wine and everything. The little one told me that he killed her because she had on some earrings a man gave her. Earrings, oh my god, I gave her those earrings and he killed her over that. My life would never be the same.
So this is my story and I wanted to share it with you to let you know if you are in an abusive relationship, get out and get out quick. He tricked Emma into going home with him and he hadn’t changed. He just put it to sleep for a day. I pray that my son with always be a man and never put his hands on a woman.
Emma this is for you.
Your Best Friend