Years ago people found their partners and dates by meeting people at work and those living locally that they bumped into when they went shopping, to clubs or to enjoy their hobbies, or they met people who were related to theirDesireme neighbours and friends. The main problem with it was that you were limited to people who live local to you. I will tell you how to find dates online..

Then computers came on the scene and people joined up on social networking sites to chat to existing friends and meet new ones, study and learn. Many work online and would be lost without their computers now. For housebound people or those or tied to the home the computer may well be their social life.

Many now use the computer to find a spouse, partner, lover or dates, which is up to them and fine and certainly has many advantages over relying on being introduced to or bumping into someone local. There are two ways you can get a date online, one is to chat in chat rooms, forums etc and get to know someone chatting live, the other is to join dating sites. The problem with chatting live is that the person just gives you a flavour of themselves, you have no profile to check their details, they may lie about a lot of what they tell you and leave out vital information and perhaps deliberately mislead you. Shifty people tend to try to avoid joining dating sites and filling in a profile and giving their details and try to meet through live chats instead. For this reason, if you are looking for a serious long term relationship I would advise you to steer clear of chat rooms and join the dating sites instead. I have found that married men who pretend to be single or who are looking for a bit on the side tend to try to chat women up and rush them into a quick meet in chat rooms.

Warning – some of these tailor made sites are pandering to people who fantasize, such as the ones that offer women the chance to date a millionaire. Millionaires rarely join such sites, they can afford to pay a professional matchmaker, you will find that most of the members on such sites are the needy poor women wanting to meet them. The sites that are specifically for people wanting casual sex and for married people wanting secret liaisons are usually frequented by men and they tend to become very disappointed when they find out the other members are men too.

If using sites make sure that your profile is informative and honest without rambling on! You are competing with thousands of people on the same site so you have to shine out over and above the others.

Make a list of deal breakers and look for those qualities in the people you come across. If you work hard and earn a good income and do not want to date people who are unemployed then simply refuse to chat to those and move on to the others you have more in common with.

Beware of scammers and fraudsters. There are people online who make a living out of conning people by pretending to be desperate for money and asking for help or wanting to meet up to get a visa or passport. Old men who pretend to be beautiful, sexy, young women and are really after money or a visa rather than true love.

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That’s all I have to say about that!!