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What do you want in a mate?  Take time to think about what you need before you get it.  These 4 items will help you make a sound decision:  Caring – is he or she a caring soul?  A little hint to help you.  Watch how they speak to their parents?  If they treat their parents with respect, they will have respect for you. Driven – is he or she driven or just plain lazy.  When you go to work, do they prefer to stay in bed? Are the dishes still in the sink, just the way you left...

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I Will Not Let You Destroy Me.

I want to share this story with all the ladies and men who at one point in their lives have felt depressed, insignificant, and feels that you have contributed nothing to the world and wonder if you would be better off to just check out but before you go, I would appreciate it if you would read this story and take a long look at yourself. Ok? I write this story because if helps me to understand my purpose by helping me to grow. I am a very private person so I don’t have a lot of friends. I...

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I Love You, Don’t Leave

Have you been living in a dead relationship? Then it is time to spice it up. Do you know how to turn your mate on? Did you know that some of the best sex is shared when you, female are on your period? Don't laugh, I'm serious. I read an article called "Go with the Flow" by Diana Spechler. Now she claims that sex during your period doesn't have to be gross - in fact, it can be a hot mess. In this day and time, a lot of females have sex when they're on their period but they would never admit it. Some women like the idea of doing something forbidden, and this really turns them on. So if you're ready to give period sex a go, I found a few tips for you that will help you get thru it. Before having sex, spread a dark towel on the bed. Use a latex condom so that some of the blood that gets on him can easily be rolled off. Keep a warm, wet washcloth or towel nearby. Try different positions. Lying on your back or side will be less messy than going at it on top. The most important thing to remember is, if you're having your period, you can still get pregnant so please be careful. Get the Party Started 2 Pcs Sex Floral Babydoll Transparent...

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My Marriage is Over after 40 years..What Happened? Wow! I didn’t See that coming.

Leave a comment. It’s been 13 long heart burning months and my divorce is finally final. As I sat here in my one bedroom apartment,brokenhearted stirring out the window, it’s raining. The sound is so peaceful and I remember how we use to enjoy that sound together. Now it’s just me, myself, and I. What happened, I ask myself, what did I do so wrong. I only tried to be a good wife. I took care of his every need, at least, I thought I did. As I look back over the past, I can see clearly now and...

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